Weak signal? How to speed up your Android 3G connection

Weak signal How to speed up your Android 3G connection

Anyone with a valid 3G connection contract has certainly experienced uncomfortable situations due to slow access to the network. But an XDA Developers forum developer promises the solution to anyone who wants to improve the speed of their mobile internet. Created by member bahathir , the method consists of modifying a file to enable the Van Jacobson TCP / IP compression protocol.

According to netizens who are also part of the XDA Developers community, the process is in fact able to speed up the 3G connection. Before moving on to modifying such a file, however, a few observations should be made. See what conditions need to be met and only then perform the walkthrough described below.


Enabling the Van Jacobson TCP / IP protocol requires access to superuser certifications. It means changes will be made to the Android system data . As mentioned in one of our articles , running processes on rooted devices implies the loss of the entire warranty .

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Putting it on kids, it means that if damage is done to your smartphone, no one can be held responsible. Therefore, run the following tutorial at your own risk. Note : Not all devices with a 3G connection can be speed accelerated.

  • The Android device must be rooted (see how to get root access on this page ).

Come on!

Download the Options.7z extension from this link and extract it from a decompressor (such as 7Zip or Unzip , for example). Copy and paste the unzipped options file to any location on your device – and memorize the partition as we will need to access it again soon!

Download a file manager – we recommend ES File Explorer , available here for free. Then grant the app SU and root explorer permissions: tap on the upper left corner of ES File Explorer and turn the switch to “ON” under “Root Explorer”.

Now, also via ES File Explorer, find the unzipped options file , hold your finger on it and click “Copy.”

Next to the manager homepage, go to the “Device” option and browse the folders of your Android; go to system / etc / ppp , open the “ppp” folder and paste the options extension .


The properties of the options file must be changed so that 3G connection speed can be optimized. To do so, tap and hold on options (which should already be attached next to “ip-up-vpn” in the “ppp” folder) and under “More” go to “Properties”.

Attention : the options file should already be pasted in the “ppp” folder.

Under “Permissions”, click on “Change” and adjust the options according to the image posted above: disable “Record” for “Owner”, “Group” and “Others” and keep the other settings intact – note that then the new permissions will now display the profile “rx rx rx” as properties of the options file .

The permissions must be adjusted according to the image above.

Restart your phone and you’re done! Activate your 3G connection and use an application to evaluate your internet speed ( see options here ).


If modifying the file to enable Van Jacobson TCP / IP protocol has caused problems with your connection, repeat the procedure listed above and, in the “ppp” folder, delete the options file .

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