Update: WhatsApp with new features officially arrives on Android

Update WhatsApp with new features officially arrives on Android

The WhatsApp for Android won, on Tuesday (25), an update that facilitates access to features such as finger emoji middle and the option to mark messages as unread. Previously available only in Beta, these features have finally reached the Play Store and can be downloaded by everyone with just a few taps. Messenger version 2.12.250 for Android also makes other features already popular among users such as the ability to edit notifications for each conversation and the way to reduce data consumption during calls.

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To access all these features, you no longer need to download an APK as before. Just go to the Play Store, search for the latest messenger update and update. See details about the features present in the new version of WhatsApp:

New Emojis

With the new version of the application installed, the user will have quick access to ethnic emojis , which allow for change in skin color. Also available will be the Spock greeting figure from the Star Treck movie and the controversial middle finger emoji.

‘Unread’ Message

The ability to mark messages as “read” or “unread” has also reached the new version of WhatsApp. The feature acts as a reminder so that the user does not forget to answer a conversation, but does not prevent the contact from knowing that their message has been viewed.

WhatsApp Update Now Available for All Androids

Save Internet

Also available is the mode to save internet during calls. To activate the function, just go to “Settings”, click on “Conversations and Calls” and select the option “Reduce data usage”.

Ignore contact

With the ability to customize notifications, users will be able to mute specific contacts for eight hours, a week or even a year. Previously, this setting only worked in groups. The user can also choose custom ringtones for each friend.

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