Selfie revolving camera? Meet the Huawei Smartphone

Selfie revolving camera Meet the Huawei Smartphone

China’s Huawei may not have a strong presence in the Brazilian smartphone market, but it has grown overseas with its self-focused phones. The next step was to have a front camera that left nothing to be desired for the rear. And what better for that than using the rear camera itself for selfies, isn’t it?

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This is the concept applied to the Honor 7i, which no longer has a “front” sensor. What it has, in fact, is an articulation, which allows the same camera to be used for both selfies and ordinary photos. The phone is capable of taking 13 megapixel photos taking advantage of an f / 2.0 aperture.

It is also interesting to note that the flash is included in the joint, which allows selfies to be captured even in unfavorable lighting situations.

The device also has other peculiarities such as the fact that it has a fingerprint reader located on the side of the device, something that had not yet been seen.

Other than that, it’s an Android smartphone that’s not too far from the industry standard, with a Snapdragon 616 system-on-chip with a 5.2-inch screen filled with 1080p resolution. RAM ranges from 2 GB, with 16 GB of internal storage, or 3 GB, with 32 GB of space. The device is only available in China, for now, with approximate value of $ 870.

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