See how much the main smartphones devalued in Brazil

See how much the main smartphones devalued in Brazil

Remember how much your favorite smartphone cost the day it arrived in Brazil? And how much is it costing now? The chances of a large variation in the values ​​observed at these two moments are very high. But is there any way we can do a thorough analysis of how this devaluation happens over time? Yes there is!

Today, we have separated some of the most popular smartphones on the market and made an analysis of launch prices, lowest price observed today and lowest value ever – using the Zoom platform to make these comparisons. Are you curious to know more about this? For all the details are in the table above and you can check a little more about this below.

The highest percentages

As you can see, the most depreciated handsets since launch were the Microsoft Lumia 640 (37.5%) and Samsung Galaxy S6 (36.7%). The price difference reaches more than $ 1,000 in the case of Galaxy, and the device is in the Brazilian market for only four months. In the case of the Lumia 640, the period is only one month more and already represents $ 300 “discount”.

The highest percentages

At the other extreme, we have iPhones – handsets that have lost the least market value since launch. The iPhone 6 has fallen just 0.6% since it hit the market (in November last year), while the iPhone 6 Plus has fallen 7.6%. Usually, only when the next generation of devices arrives does Apple reduce the value of smartphones.

Does Android devalue more?

You can look at the values ​​of Android devices and compare them to iPhones. As you can see, variations in smartphones with Google OS really are devalued at a much faster rate than Apple’s. But what is the secret to making this happen so brutally?

How many iOS devices are there? Only two! How many Android devices are on the market? Dozens. These answers show us the main reason why iPhone can keep its price. The iPhone will always be the most powerful iOS, while Android devices continue to compete with iPhone as well as each other.

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Other than that, there is the factor that the “Apple” brand still counts a lot in the market. Consumers who choose to buy the iPhone know that it will cost a little more than Android devices and don’t care about it. This difference can be observed at any time – especially when we see a longer period since releases.

Sometimes it’s worth waiting a few months to make the purchase, isn’t it?

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