New WIRELESS AUDIO – 360 by Samsung

New WIRELESS AUDIO - 360 by Samsung

Well, grandiose SAMSUNG has created a new line of speakers, Wireless Audio 360. Samsung, which disperses sound equally in all directions.

Audio Lab Technology

The opening of the new state-of-the-art audio lab in California marks a new step in our mission to develop innovative sound devices.

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Our top researchers and engineers have applied new transduction methods and advanced computational modeling to bring you next-generation audio products.

Unique Design

The Wireless Audio – 360’s sleek, curved design, along with a variety of elegant finishes, matches any interior décor. The Floor Stand and Ceiling Mount accessories also allow the equipment to be installed anywhere *.

Intelligent Usability

Controlled through your smartphone or tablet, it’s easier to access your music thanks to the new intuitive platform of the Samsung Multiroom app. The device features rotary-controlled navigation, offering more convenient song selection, direct playback of the home screen right after startup, and quick switching between Speaker List and Browser.

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