Make Mobile Faster? Learn How to Clear Your Android Cache

Make Mobile Faster Learn How to Clear Your Android Cache

The Android creates temporary files that are used to speed up the loading of applications and store data. Over time, application caching can take up considerable space in your smartphone’s internal memory. To prevent this from happening, check out how to use Google’s native system tool to clear cache and app data to gain more storage on your smartphone.

Clearing application cache helps free up mobile storage

Step 1 . Go to Android settings, slide the screen to the “Device” section and tap “Apps”;

Open app settings

Open app settings

Step 2 . Select the application from which you would like to clear the cache. Finally, choose Clear Cache. Repeat the procedure with the other applications;

Clearing application cache

Clearing application cache

Step 3 . You can also click “Clear Data” to free up more space. In this case, information stored by the app, such as account, settings and game progress will be deleted. Tap “OK” to confirm.

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Clearing application data

Ready. With this simple tip, you can clear the cache of your Android phone apps and free up space on your device’s internal memory.

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