Infographic shows things you never imagined about Whatsapp

Infographic shows things you never imagined about Whatsapp

Chances are you’re a regular WhatsApp user , aren’t you? Instant messenger is the most popular app in this segment and catches many consumers still landing in the smartphone world. But do you know everything about the application or are there still unknown facts about it?

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You may not know it, but there are many rumors that it was almost bought by Google before it was bought by Facebook. Another really cool curiosity is the number of employees that are part of the company: there are only 55 people. And these are just two of the curiosities we brought today.

You can see much more in the infographic that is at the top of this news. It was created by Iinterativa Agency and brings a lot of very interesting information for all users who are true fans of WhatsApp. Did you already know everything that was shown there?

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