HTC will cut 15% of its workforce around the world after fall

HTC will cut 15% of its workforce around the world after fall

It’s been a while since HTC has been doing well, the company’s revenue has always been in the wrong place, but this past quarter things have not gone very well. The company’s stock fell significantly after the drop in revenues, analysts not to indicate to those who want to buy the “roles” of the company. Now the results of this unfortunate fall had begun to have an effect on the company.

This Thursday (13/1) HTC revealed that will reduce 15% of its workforce around the world, ie several professionals will be laid off. The information came shortly after Lenovo also revealed a staff cut in which some 3200 people will be laid off.

HTC’s number will be slightly lower, 15% means around 2000 employees around its branches worldwide, as the company currently has 15,685 professionals . The number may not seem that big compared to the layoffs of other giants, but for Taiwanese it is really important.

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HTC CEO Cher Wang has revealed that shrinking staff will help the company through this difficult period. The company will try to stand out in the mobile device market, and it makes sense, as lately this is the Taiwanese manufacturer’s biggest concern.

While the mobile device market is important, the company should continue to study its possibilities in the virtual reality and IoT market. In addition to all the improvements the company expects from this new decision, costs will fall by 35%, which is great until HTC rebuilds the market.

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