How to cheat and make infinite points in the Android game Lollipop

How to cheat and make infinite points in the Android game Lollipop

Since Android Gingerbread, Google has put some really cool easter eggs in its operating system. In the current version – Android Lollipop – the inspiration was the addictive game Flappy Bird, which puts the player in charge of a bird that needs to dodge some pipes while accumulating points.

In its adaptation, the Search Giant replaced the bird with the green robot and put lollipops in place of the pipes. But even after training hard, are you still finding this version of Google as difficult as the original game? Don’t worry, we’ll present a very easy method of cheating in this game.

Simple steps

Simple steps

1. The first step is to enable developer mode on your device. If this option is already enabled, skip this step. Otherwise, go to the “About Phone” menu and repeatedly select the “Version Number” option.

2. With developer mode enabled, go to this option and look for “Animation Duration Scale”. Change its value to 10x to enable cheat.

Settings for the trick to work.

3. Now, just start the Lollipop game – from the “About Phone” menu by repeatedly selecting the “Android Version” option – to see the magic happen.

Lollipop game

Operation of the game with the “activated” trick.

The game will feature animations so slow that lollipops that were once their main obstacles will be mere distractions. With this little trick, it’s easy to make dozens of points without worrying too much and just giving the screen subtle touches.

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But beware: It is still possible to hit some of the lollipops and reach the limits of the display to lose the match. Anyway, with a little attention, it’s going to be easy to break that skillful friend’s record and humiliate him by saying that you are now the “Lollipop game master”.

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