Distracted? Here are some apps to focus on at work

Distracted Here are some apps to focus on at work

Staying around with your mobile phone can decrease productivity at work. But you can count on the help of some applications to prevent this from happening. For those who are a little distracted, here is a list of six very interesting Android and iOS apps – and free. Check out the list below.

1) Todoist (Android and iOS)

The Todoist is an application-do lists. It allows the user to get organized very efficiently. Best of all, it can be used on both mobile and computer. The app’s main function is to create lists with their tasks, which organizes a lot of those who have a busy life.

2) Pocket (Android and iOS)

Was on a social network and saw an interesting link? Leave to see him after hours. Using Pocket , the user can save content to open later. Not only texts, but also videos and multimedia content. It also allows links to be sent via email in just seconds.

3) Buffer (Android and iOS)

The Buffer is a cool application for anyone working with social networks. But it can also cater for those who don’t want to stop posting, even while offline. It allows you to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts for any time. In addition, it has interesting tools to monitor statistics from both social networks.

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4) Sunrise Calendar (Android and iOS)

Sunrise means “sunrise” in English. Every morning automatically the app prepare a calendar with your appointments. It offers well-organized content with a bold look and can replace traditional applications with great performance and interface. The Sunrise Calendar has connection to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google .

5) Trello (Android and iOS)

Another app focused on the organization. The Trello user can create customizable columns with cards that identify tasks. It’s a good solution for team leaders or companies that need to share what each employee needs to do quickly, efficiently, online and available via web and mobile apps.

6) Focus Lock (Android)

The Focus Lock creates a lock for some applications. It’s a bolder solution, and it works for those who don’t leave Facebook at work, for example. With a simple password system, it makes it impossible for users to open apps for a certain period of the day, and is only unlocked when the deadline expires.

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