App allows any Android to have an integrated ‘fingerprint sensor’

App allows any Android to have an integrated fingerprint sensor

Smartphones and tablets with a biometric reader for fingerprint scanning are not new. There are several manufacturers that are already betting on this method to authenticate users, either to shop online or simply to access the functionality of the device. Now, if you don’t have a device with this capability but would like to have it, this is your chance to show that your fingerprint also has “power.”

The application App lock Finger Print , only available for Android , turns the rear camera of your smartphone on a fingerprint reader built into the device. A photo is captured, serving as the basis for app authentication and other system functionality.

App lock Finger Print

Finger Print

App allows any Android to have an integrated ‘fingerprint sensor’


Using App lock Finger Print is incredibly easy and may surprise those who think this is an app that won’t work. The first step is to register the finger the user wants to use as the parameter for reading. To do this, he must place his hand about 7 centimeters away from the device so that the rear camera is able to take some pictures.

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Then simply choose an application that will be protected by this password and test the functionality. The system is not as fast as Apple’s TouchID or the system implemented on the Galaxy S6, but we can’t deny that it works. By trying to trick this mechanism, the scan could detect when the wrong finger was trying to pass the correct one.

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App allows any Android to have an integrated ‘fingerprint sensor’
For those who are suspicious, App lock Finger Print still offers traditional authentication methods as an added barrier to application protection. You can set a default or PIN to prevent eavesdroppers from accessing your smartphone and moving where they shouldn’t.

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