5 apps to spice up YouTube on Android

5 apps to spice up YouTube on Android

YouTube is one of the most popular services for streaming videos. As a result, some free apps can make the feature even more interesting in everyday life. For starters, AudioPocket lets you listen to music in the background, and TubeMate is simple for those who like to download media on their mobile phones. Want to meet everyone? Then check out the list of five apps to spice up YouTube on Android.

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1) AudioPocket


Who has never missed listening to music on YouTube while accessing Facebook? AudioPocket can help. With the free app, users hear background audio with a player in the Android notification bar. This allows you to surf the Internet, view social networks and more without interrupting your soundtrack. The feature is compatible with system version 4.1.

AudioPocket lets you listen to music on any Android screen.

2) TubeMate


The app works in a practical way to download YouTube videos completely from your mobile phone. The free feature allows you to search the media, within the platform itself, and to download it takes just one touch. Various formats are available, from the lightest to full HD. If you prefer, you can save only the audio. The app is available for Android 2.1 or higher.

Download your favorite videos with TubeMate

3) YouTube Creator Studio

YouTube Creator Studio

The YouTube app lets you manage your video network accounts simply, quickly and for free. Thus, the user can monitor how many hits the channel has, view graphics and know the traffic flow of the videos. Track comments, likes, and more. The app is available for Android and only needs to sign in with Google Account.

Manage your YouTube channels with the free app

4) MyTube YouTube Playlist Maker

MyTube YouTube Playlist Maker

The app adds your favorite videos to playlists and builds custom playlists with a few taps. One of the highlights is that the user can find out which videos are most popular in various countries of the world, including Brazil. So you stay on top of trends on YouTube and you can watch the media as you look for more news. The free app is available in Portuguese for Android, starting from version 4.0, with login by YouTube account.

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MyTube lets you learn about new videos and bookmark YouTube

5) Lyrics for youtube music

Lyrics for youtube music

Want to hear the songs accompanying the lyrics? The app “Lyrics for Youtube Music” was created for this function. This allows users to view below the video the original lyrics of the song without interrupting media play. The advantage is that everything is on the same interface. The app has a search feature on top and even lets you save the lyrics for offline viewing. The function is available for Android 2.3.3 or higher.

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